Sailing Committee Charter

Remit and constitution of the Sailing Committee

About the Sailing Committee

The Sailing Committee is a sub-committee of the Committee of Management, and is established under the Standing Orders of the Club.  It's membership is appointed by the Committee of Management and consists of:

  • Vice-Commodore
  • Sailing Secretary
  • Harbourmaster
  • Class representatives for officially recognised MSC classes
  • Training representatives
  • other representatives in the pursuit of MSCs sailing objectives

What does the Sailing Committee actually do?

Sets sailing policy for the Club, subject to main committee ratification.

Sets racing programme for the year, including type of races and start times.

Sets out prize programme.

Facilitates the setting of Open Meeting dates for each year.

Supports the organisation of Open Meetings.

Facilitates MSC supported Southport 24hr event.

Agrees Class handicaps for MSC.

Maintains and publishes the Club Sailing Instructions and Notice of Race

Maintains and publishes the Open meeting Sailing Instructions.

Maintains and publishes the Individual personal handicaps.

Convenes Race Committees when needed, including Protest Committees.

Maintains sailing equipment such as buoys, flags, horns and lights.

Liaison with Edgbaston Reservoir water users group.

Joining the Sailing Committee

Simply volunteer! The Committee of Management is required to ensure the representation of all classes and training activity on the Sailing Committee, so please contact the Commodore, Vice-Commodore or Sailing Secretary to offer your services.

Sailing Committee meetings are held on a needs must basis.