Christmas Stopping

Racing on December 24th

The racing on Xmas Eve was full of gifts!

The course was set to offer ample opportunity for benevolence, with the first mark being optional and all other marks being used including those that do not even exist!  So much so that the list of marks was wider than Mike Colles’ palm.  Confusion reigned and the OOD was forced to invoke the postponement procedure of two horns, answering pennant and the resetting of the course boards displayed on the race box.  Whew! Santa ‘s children were not all amused.  The Christmas Tree circuit, in the variable conditions of a backing wind of force 2 to 4 gave opportunity for fine spinnaker drills.  At the start, the fleet was led away by Richard Neighbour who maintained his position for two laps.  Incidents observed included the Fireball of Rear Commodore  over the line at the start, fairly returning; a neat inside tactic by Ian Smith over Paul Young at the leeward #7 mark, Lazaros being tactically roughed up by Rob Kennaugh at the same place:  I ask you where was the Spirit of Christmas?  Ian Smith was slowly hauled in by the revitalised team of Richard Dee and ‘Jack’ Winters to take the win.  It was not Paul’s day as Lazaros squeezed him out again at #7 to take the finish by two seconds, with Mike Colles attempting the same over Richard Neighbour but missing by a few seconds.

Suitably admonished, the OOD set a voluntary course for the second race with all marks being optional and passable either side.  Well, its Christmas!  Scrooge came and forbid this and we ended up with course “F”.  The tactical runs on this course gave some good positioning with a series of races within races taking place.  Paul chased and overhauled by Ian; Rob scaring Richard Dee spurring the latter into action so that he eventually hauled in Ian to win by the finish line.  Ian then proceed to sail parallel up the shallow finish line about 1 meter away for a good 10 seconds before actually crossing.  Paul was taken in the same way by Rob by a mere 4 seconds.  However, tactical battle of the day went to the blue of Malcolm Hyams over yellow Colles.  The blue just keeping out the devious intentions of yellow at the last mark before a rounding and chase to the finish line at “B”.  The yellow took the shortest straight line whilst the blue took a deeper water path.  Yellow almost made it losing by just a couple of seconds before running aground.  However, the rule is that any part of the boat over the finish counts so yellows abrupt termination is OK.

Good Cheer to you all!