National 12 - 75th Anniversary Year

Midland S.C. to host National 12 Open Meeting to help mark the 75th Anniversary of the class!

In response to a request from the Class Association, Midland S.C. will host an Open Meeting for the class. Taking place on 16th October 2011, the event being the first at Midland since the 1980's, is to be included as a part of the Midland Area Armada Trophy series and, as our meeting has been 'slotted in' at the end of the calendar, we will also host the series prize presentations. This will hopefully ensure a good turn out. Arthur/ Sue and Myself and Jenny will endeavour to promote our event as we travel the circuit throughout the year. The event has been posted on the N12 website and as we draw closer to the date, we will publish more info. Watch this space!