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Details of all of the courses offered by Midland Sailing Club's RYA Recognised Training Centre

Page RYA Dinghy Level 1 "Start Sailing" & Level 2 "Basic Skills"
The RYA Dinghy Level 1 "Start Sailing" is a gentle introduction to the wonderful sport of sailing! Like many other RYA Recognised Training Centres, we combine this course with the next level up, "Basic Skills", to help students gain the confidence to carry out the basic sailing manoeuvres in moderate conditions. If you really get the sailing bug, why not come back for the Level 3 "Better Sailing" course?
Page RYA Dinghy Level 3 "Better Sailing"
Many successful graduates of our RYA Level 1/Level 2 combined course go on to complete their Level 3 - this course is designed to give you confidence in a wider variety of boats and conditions, as well as to polish up some of those manoeuvres. This course is all about maximising time on the water!
Page Advanced Courses
You never stop learning, and sailing is certainly no exception! To continue your learning experience after Level 3 "Better Sailing", we offer a number of the RYA's Advanced modules, which focus on improving specific skills. Our training team, together with some of the top racing members within the club, has also put together a tailored MSC Crewing Course, which is designed to remove the fear factor around racing and demystify what goes on in the front of a boat. The beauty of the course is that it fits around the goals of the participants, so we can focus more time on, say, spinnaker work than balance if that's what's required.
Page Powerboat Courses
Craig (Chief Powerboat Instructor) runs powerboat courses for members and non-members of Midland Sailing Club. Members holding a powerboat qualification are expected to cover a small number of duties in the safety boat each year to help with the smooth running of MSC race activities. Others use their powerboat qualifications to help with our junior sessions on Saturday mornings or to provide safety cover for our adult courses. They are very useful qualifications to have!
Page First Aid Courses
Even a basic knowledge of First Aid can save a life, so it's no surprise that training is mandatory for RYA Instructors, and a valuable skill to have in any walk of life. Our RYA-approved course is aimed primarily at "boaty types", and covers areas of First Aid commonly encountered in a sailing/watersports environment, such as hypothermia and cold water shock.
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