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For many years MSC has sent a potty group of intrepid sailors to the Southport 24 hour race.

Southport Pier

Clubs from around the UK congregate on Southport in the middle of September and somehow organise themselves to sail round and round a small lake just inland of the sea, with helms and crew taking it in turns in order to last the full 24 hours of the race.  To say that it's usually quite windy is an understatement.

The race is a major social event for Midland Sailing Club and each year, members pile up the M6 and work themseves into dizzy spirals of joy.  This year's trip is still in being planned and we may even be able to send two teams this time.

This event is a MUST! If you've never tried it - Gofor it! When you have you'll want to return every year until your liver packs up!
Paul Leather - Vice Commodore

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Saturday Pursuit 20/08/2016 3.30pm
Helm Finish time (secs)
Mark McKeever 3998
Kevin Hopkins 4404
Paul Young 4475
Mike Homer 4804
Wednesday 24/08/2016 7.00pm
Helm Finish time (secs)
Richard Adams 3441
Richard Dee 3654
Kevin Hopkins 3766
Paul Young 3861
Adam Maclean 3892
Jan Holland 3914
Mike Burke 3941
Chris Winters 3978
Alex Homer 4181
Chris Skelcher 4197
Jenny Chen Andronis 4313
Mike Anslow 4524
Mike Colles 4550
Stuart Jones 4602
Nick Taylor 4784
Dave Trott 4830
Oliver Mason 4860
Steve Nicholson 4880