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How to join us

It's Simple! Come down to the club, have a sail, decide that we're for you! Take an application form home or fill it in there and then and pay up. Happy Sailing!

How to join.

First come down to the club to see if we are for you. Good times to come down are before racing on Saturdays around 12.00 or between races at about 3pm. There should be plenty of people milling around then who will be happy to welcome you and show you around.

If you would like to have a trial sail you can contact our membership secretary Nancy Gudgeon on who will ask one of our members to take you our for a spin.

If you would like to join you can download a membership application form here or you can ask for a copy of one in the clubhouse. You fill in your details and then find a couple of club members to propose and second your application.

Membership fees

Current membership fees can be found here. New members pay a one off joining fee then an annual membership fee.

For any other information please contact Nancy Gudgeon on

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