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Refurbishment: Photos from December 2006

These are a few shots I took this morning of state of improvements.

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Disabled loos

Disabled loos - small


Ladies - small


Gents - small


Gents - small

New roadside sign

The new roadside sign is up for both MSC and Graham's Edgbaston Watersports. The club website even gets a mention!

New roadside sign - small

Bricked up doorway

The old doorway from the changing room to the boat store has been bricked up.

Bricked up doorway - small

Disabled Changing Room

The entrance space is now bigger and has a new doorway into the disabled changing room.

Disabled Changing Room - small

Floors and drains

All the drains are laid and all the toilet and shower areas have ceramic tiled floors. All walls have been plaster boarded and are ready to be covered in a white plastic cladding. Some of the electrical and plumbing work has been done.

Floors and drains - small

New front door

The new front door is now in.

New front door - small

Ladies showers and loos

Ladies showers and loos - small

Gent's showers

These are now accessed from the changing room.

Gent's showers - small
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