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Racing 10th June 2006

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Here are some photos I took on a sunny Saturday whilst looking after Cory on the shore.

Image DSCF0005.jpg
Image DSCF0006.jpg
Image DSCF0007.jpg
Image DSCF0008.jpg
Image DSCF0009.jpg
Image DSCF0010.jpg
Image DSCF0011.jpg
Image DSCF0012.jpg
Image DSCF0013.jpg
Image DSCF0014.jpg
Image DSCF0015.jpg
Image DSCF0016.jpg
Image DSCF0017.jpg
Image DSCF0018.jpg
Image DSCF0019.jpg
Image DSCF0020.jpg
Image DSCF0021.jpg
Image DSCF0022.jpg
Image DSCF0023.jpg
Image DSCF0024.jpg
Image DSCF0025.jpg
Image DSCF0026.jpg
Image DSCF0027.jpg
Image DSCF0028.jpg
Image DSCF0029.jpg
Image DSCF0030.jpg
Image DSCF0031.jpg
Image DSCF0032.jpg
Image DSCF0033.jpg
Image DSCF0034.jpg
Image DSCF0035.jpg
Image DSCF0036.jpg
Image DSCF0037.jpg
Image DSCF0038.jpg
Image DSCF0039.jpg
Image DSCF0040.jpg
Image DSCF0041.jpg
Image DSCF0042.jpg
Image DSCF0043.jpg
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