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Grand re-opening photos

Here are some of the photos I took at the grand re-opening ceremony on 31st March 2007.

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Hanging around

Trying to figure out how to use the new hoist to get into the Pico.

Hanging around - small

Paul to the rescue

Paul to the rescue - small

Keeping us dangling

Keeping us dangling - small


The new look club.

Pristine - small

New mast for Purple Helmet

Actually no, it's just a tree.

New mast for Purple Helmet - small

Ali on guard

Guarding the new changing rooms.

Ali on guard - small

Top deck

Tea's up.

Top deck - small

Mrs Background talks to Mr Loop

Mrs Background talks to Mr Loop - small

On parade

On parade - small


For a Masters by the looks.

Swatting - small

Starting to hot up

Starting to hot up - small

The unveiling

Or Paul manages to get in shot again.

The unveiling - small

On the beach

On the beach - small

Juniors setting up

Juniors setting up - small

Dickie & the Juniors

Dickie & the Juniors - small


DSCF0066.jpg - small


DSCF0078.jpg - small


DSCF0080.jpg - small


DSCF0082.jpg - small

The new RS Vision

The new RS Vision - small
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